Call for Papers

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Papers related to the conference theme are especially solicited, including theories, methodologies, and emerging applications. The following contributions, including but not limited to the following technical areas, are invited:

• Smart Grid

Smart Sensors and Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Power and Energy System Applications (generation, transmission, distribution, markets, operations, planning)
Impact of Smart Grid on Distributed Energy Resources (electric cars, demand response, distributed generation, storage)
Energy Management Systems (with applications to smart buildings and home automation)
Wide Area Protection, Communication, and Control in Energy Systems
Cyber Security Systems (intelligent monitoring and outage management)
Smart Grid Interoperability and Standards
Critical infrastructure resiliency (natural disasters, geomagnetic disturbances, etc.)
Deployable microgrids
Smart grid deployment and demonstration projects 

• Smart City

Intelligent urbanism
Smart city
Platforms and technologies
Smart city roadmap
Environmental sustainability
Heritage conservation
Appropriate technology
Social access
Transit-oriented development
Regional integration
Human scale
Institutional integrity
Principle one: a balance with nature
Principle two: a balance with tradition
Principle three: appropriate technology
Principle four: conviviality
A place for the individual
A place for friendship
A place for householders
A place for the neighborhood
A place for communities
A place for the city domain
Principle five: efficiency
Principle six: human scale
Principle seven: opportunity matrix
Principle eight: regional integration
Principle nine: balanced movement
Principle ten: institutional integrity 

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