Call for Workshops | 研讨会征集

The ICSGSC 2022 Organizing Committee invites proposals for Workshops to be held during the International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities in Chengdu, China during October 22nd-24th, 2022. Workshops offer participants from different technical backgrounds the chance to explore innovative trends and learn new techniques from experts in the field.

Submission of Workshops Proposals: July 30, 2022

Workshops Proposals

The proposal should include a (maximum) three-page description of the workshop (see below for details) and 1 page professional biographies of the workshop speakers that highlight their qualifications and track record in the proposed subject area of the workshop. Please submit proposals (approximately 3 pages) in pdf format by email to the The three-page workshop proposal should contain the following information: 

  1. Title and abstract: Propose a title and an abstract that allows conference attendees to quickly and accurately understand the subject matter of the workshop. 
  2. Motivation and Focus: Explain why your topic is important to the ICSGSC and what you hope the participants will learn by attending your workshop. In this section, please provide a syllabus outlining the content of the tutorial and the learning outcomes. This syllabus should be realistic, given the time available. 
  3. List of speakers: This is in addition to the workoshop organizers. Some workshops may feature several speakers that should be advertised, but it is not necessary, nor a requirement. Workshops should not become de facto mini-symposia with many speakers. If you plan to have multiple speakers, please provide their names and affiliations and clearly describe the part of the workshop that they will cover. 
  4. Basic structure of the Workshop: In this section, please describe your use of the time available. (e.g., morning lectures: fundamentals and case studies; afternoon panel discussion or brain-storming sessions, etc.). 

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